I Wanted New Locks on All the Doors and Windows

I bought a charming little cottage in Brisbane a few years ago. I was not ready to move in when I bought it, but I wanted to have it ready for when I could move there. I had time remaining on my lease, and I was happy with where I was because of work. I rented out the cottage to a young couple, knowing they would want something more in a few years too. They would want to upgrade, and I would be ready to downgrade. I had called a 24 hour locksmith near Brisbane once when they had some troubles with the locks, and that is the same locksmith I called when I was finally ready to move in there myself.

The young couple knew that I wanted to live there myself one day, so they had been looking for a bigger place themselves. They found one not even a mile away, so everything worked out. They gave me the keys, and the cottage was in perfect condition. They seem like perfectly nice people, but I am the type who is very cautious about things. I knew that I would want to have all of the locks on the doors changed.

When he came out, it did not take him long to do that. Since it is just me, I asked him if he could just have one key work all three doors, and he was able to do that with no problem. He asked me if I wanted him to redo the window locks as well, and I thought that would be a great idea for insurance purposes. The price was very reasonable, and he had the work done before I even moved in. It feels good to be living here finally, and I am looking forward to living out the rest of my life here.